DC Strikes Back With Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, or you may know her as Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman is the newest movie in the DC universe and is the first adventure and the origin story of Wonder Woman and how she came to be the warrior she is and why she came to our world.  To start off, this movie had a lot of pressure on it due to the mixed reviews of the last two DCEU movies and the fans really wanted this movie to be great.  Did Wonder Woman live up to all the hype?  Yes it did!  This, to me, could possibly be the second best superhero movie to come out this year, second only to Logan.  As I said before, this movie is an origin story for Wonder Woman and takes place during World War 1, giving you the story of how she discovers her powers and crosses over to another world she had no idea existed.

Movie: Overview

Wonder Woman takes place during World War 1.  While Diana is cut off from the world on her island, she comes across Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine.  Trevor is a spy who crash landed in his plane and was saved by Diana.  Diana is taken by this because she has never seen a man before and asks him what he was doing.  Learning about the war, Diana goes with Steve Trevor to his world to find the one, she believes, is responsible for the war.  As the movie goes on you see the journey of Diana becoming Wonder Woman and the battles she fought during World War 1.

As the movie goes on you get a closer look at our villains.  The German general who is obsessed with power and his scientist partner.  You follow Wonder Woman as she hunts down what she thinks is the reason for the war in the world of men.


What I loved about this movie is that it gives much needed levity to the DC universe that the audience was desperately craving.  This levity really comes from Diana and how she tries to understand the world she is now in, which leads to some very funny scenes.  The funniest scenes come from Diana when she tries to interact with people and Steve Trevor has to step in to stop her from sounding crazy.  These scenes really give great moments that allow the audience to have a break, but not an unnecessary, from the action.  What was great about the levity in this movie was that it felt like it was natural and not forced on the audience and came straight from a good script and screenplay.  What I mean by this is, for example, Suicide Squad had comedy but it was forced on us because of all the reshoots that happened after production.

The performances in this movie are another positive because you buy into the characters immediately from the start.  For starters, Gal Gadot completely kills is as Wonder Woman and brought a form of humanity to the character which we haven’t seen in the DC Universe.  Gal Gadot also bings her charisma and very enjoyable presence to the camera for the strong character.  In one scene in particular, she rocks it as Wonder Woman as she just totally brings out her superhero edge and right then and there I bought into her as this strong heroine.  Gal Gadot has proved the hate of her casting was wrong and she shows that the actress can make the character believable.  Next, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor was a worthy performance and brings out the humanity in Wonder Woman.  For example, he makes her possibly question herself and brings out her emotions more than any other character in the movie, which was a great part to this character along with his comic relief, which was almost always perfectly timed in the scenes he had to be witty.

The action in this movie also could be the best we’ve seen in the DC universe yet.  While there isn’t much gritty hand-to-hand combat, when you see Wonder Woman in action you are on the edge of your seat and really shows the diversity of Wonder Woman’s fighting.  You see her strength, the use of her lasso, and the sword and shield which were made iconic from this movie.  The action in the movie really kicks off when Wonder Woman is in the trenches and leads into the scene from the trailer, her coming up from the trenches.  The action you see in the trailers is every bit as awesome as you want it to be and then some because of this one thing Diana says before she goes and fights.


While the action was fun to watch and had me on the edge of my seat, I would say the cinematic value could’ve been better.  By that I mean that there is a lot of slow-mo used in the action sequences which took me out of it in a few moments.  There were fight scenes I felt didn’t need to be slow-mo and quick angle changes, but that could be due to things out of the control of the stunt team.  I would’ve just liked to see some smoother action scenes and less slow-mo because I find it better to follow if I can see seamless action filmmaking.  Lastly, the final fight is very mystical and is very reliant on CGI and just took me out of the WW1 feel of the movie and felt like this battle could take place anywhere.  Meaning that the scenery changes and you don’t really feel like you’re in the middle of war.  While the ending fight is by no means bad, I would’ve just liked to see the final take place in a more realistic setting, like on the battlefield while the fight was actually going on.

Final Verdict

DC finally has a hit in its universe and has given the movie that their fans have wanted since Man of Steel.  I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and bought into the characters immediately from the start.  DC may have finally figured out what makes a great origin movie, a good script and a focused story.  This is the first DC movie that was allowed to be set back in time and be its own story, not having the only purpose of connecting to the DC universe.

My verdict for for Wonder Woman is warm, and well-earned, B+


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